10 Holiday Gifts on a Budget

We all know that holiday shopping can get quite expensive. Buying presents for friends, family, and coworkers can be a challenge. Here are 10 gift ideas if you are on a budget this holiday season. After all it’s the thought that matters. 

1. Homemade gifts:

Don’t underestimate the power of a homemade gift. If you have a talent such as soap-making, knitting, baking feel free to use your talent this holiday season. I love receiving homemade candle or homemade baked goods or bracelets. It warms my heart more than a store-bought gifts..

2. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Not only is it a cute decorative piece, but Himalayan salt lamps also cleanse the air you breath. 


Price: $13.95

3. Toiletry Bag/Makeup Organizer/Cosmetic Bag/Portable Travel 

Holidays=traveling. At some point in time we all travel,  whether it is international or another town keeping your toiletries organized and accessible is  important for a stress free trip. This organizer comes with several compartments allowing you to


Price: $15.99

4. Aromatherapy

Who doesn’t need a little aromatherapy during the holiday season.? After all, it can get a little hectic with the hustle and bustle of buying gifts, decorating the house making Christmas dinner.  Whether you need sleep, or more energy, these therapeutic body wash and lotion from Bath and Body Works will brighten up your day.

Aromatherapy Sleep - Lavender & Cedarwood Sweet Dreams Gift Set - Bath And Body Works Aromatherapy Energy - Orange & Ginger Shine Bright Gift Set - Bath And Body WorksAromatherapy Happiness - Bergamot & Mandarin Be Happy Gift Set - Bath And Body WorksAromatherapy Focus - Eucalyptus & Tea Stay Focused Gift Set - Bath And Body Works


Price: $21.50/Set of 2

5. Bath robe

Coming down on Christmas morning to open up the gifts in a warm furry bathrobe is the best feeling in the world. After a long night staying warm and cozy is important. This bathrobe is from Forever 21 and I love the little ears on top.




Price: $24.90

Don’t forget one for your significant other, or friend. This fleece bathrobe from Target is a great option, it is reasonably priced and the quality is great.  



6. Planner/ MyLifeUNIT Fineliner Color Pen Set

Right after Christmas comes the New Year. That means planning New Year’s resolutions, making plans and goals, writing down homework assignments for the new semester.  What better way to do that than in a cute planner. With the planner include a few multi colored pens to complete the set.


Price: $13.49


Price: $5.95

7. Storage water bottle

When you are working out, carrying too many items around can be a drag. So why not combine the two. This two in one water bottle includes a compartment where you can store cash, car key or credit card.


Price: $12.99 

8. Phone charging case: 

A necessity for all those cute holiday selfies you are planning to take. Batteries die quickly especially when pictures and videos are snapped nonstop. It is the holidays after all, you have to snap as many pictures with family members and friends as possible.  

Price: $26.99


9. Martini maker set

For that friend that loves making all types pf drinks, this martini maker is especially cute because it comes in a red box which will keep everything neat and organized. 


Price: $22.99

10. AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit

Completely essential item that can be given to virtually everyone. Roadside emergencies happen and having the tools to fix that emergency is vital. I cannot stress enough how many times my car battery died or I had a flat tire and a kit like this saved me from wasting hours waiting for a tow truck. Your friend or family member will not be able to thank you enough when the situation arises and they need to jump-start their vehicle. 



Price: $25.31

There you have it, ten items you can give without overspending. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please give it a like and comment below what holiday gift ideas you have. 

Happy Holidays!!!